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If the transaction is successful, Rome after half a year to save 600000 euros salary expenses.

24, a well-known agent of bronzo nike free run 3.0 pedicle said in an interview, Menezs value has reached 35000000 euro.

A few days ago, Mo Ji in guest TV programs are very optimistic about menez.

The summer of 2008, Mancini has been poached in international Milan, Rome before the transfer window closed introducing menez.

The nike free run 4.0 womens vision he had said, Rome, Mannes in increasingly critical role in the team, the more mature.

He is in the side and break-in of Rome has become the important attack.

At present, Menez worth around 35000000 euros, three or four important European clubs are monitoring his situation.

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nike free run womens discount Initially, the deal is cheap nike free runs for men not optimistic about the outside world, the president of Monaco, nike free run 2 womens even mocked Rome stupid.

At present, Downeys after-tax free runs salary of 2200000 euros, Eduardo only 1000000 euro.

However, Rome will not sell achemenes, as the club wont sell Vucinic and Mexes.

The two clubs may use mutual loan to complete the deal.

24, well versed in Serie A and Spanish market well-known agent bronzo pedicle about menez.

By virtue of excellent performance, the French auction.

In my opinion, he is able to play as a two striker, he scored in the last weekend of the goals that reminds me of Zidane.

Rome in the winter wanted to get rid of the players, only Baptista Cicinho and doni.

At the same time, Rome and Genoa brewing Doni and Edward two goalkeepers swap gate.

Now, Daniele Prade hope to know Genoa buy Donis true intentions, becau.

Because Genoa is introducing Cagliari goalkeeper Ma Qiedi encountered trouble, general Lei Qi Orsi currently aiming at Brazil before the country doni.

At the age of 23, Mannes has become the Ranieri tactical system the indispensable offensive player.

According to Rome sports newspaper argument, Donnie is expected to join Genoa, he is hopeful and Eduardo swap.

At present, there are three or four clubs in Europe are concerned about Menez situation.

At present, bronzo pedicle in Baptista and Cicinho has to flee to Spain, Downey also walk in the left margin.

In 24, Rome sports director Daniele Prade lime green free runs also, transfer nike 5.0 mens and nike 5.0 Genoa sports manager card poco card had to meet.

However, all black free run 2 after two seasons of temper, Menez has grown to Rome tactical system key players.

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